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My artistic soul was born in small town in Bulgaria. My first love for art was found in painting, then music and now I express my creativity through photography. I am self-taught artist that loves to think out of the box. My experience in business, marketing & design throughout my life has helped me to develop the mindset of creating art to admire.


Get ready for a 60-minute power hour with me, ​where we analyze your social media branding like ​a pro! Together, we'll pinpoint what's working and ​what's not, then craft a strategy to attract more of ​your dream clients. Need some creative direction? ​I've got you covered!Let's make your social media ​shine!Perfect for photographers, professionals & ​fashion/product brands.

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Colours Speak: A Guide to Mastering Color Grading in ​Photography & Life

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why choose me?

  • I have good understanding of marketing and branding and I know how to make you stand out.
  • I am aware of the latest trends in fashion and art.
  • I have strong love for most modern social media and know how to work with them closely.
  • I will research closely your niche so I can be as informed as possible.
  • I am a super hard working team player that values strong business relationships and is focused in long-term clients.

what can I do for you?

  • I can create concept for your photoshoot that correspond to your brand/personal identity.
  • Organizing a team & location for your photoshoot and be the creative director on set.
  • Shoot beauty, fashion, products or portraits for your niche.
  • Make short form video content.
  • Everything related to post production of images and videos. /editing, retouch, resize/
  • Help you deliver the ready photos/videos to the world with the best messages.



Because all details matter


Let's Influence the uniqness


For brands that don't like following the rules


Capturing personalities that stand out

BRANDING from start to finish

I can bring you brand to life with individual and unique concept

Let me build the scenery for your next project, perfectly encapsulating your brand's aesthetic.

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Email: viktoria@lebellephotographie.com

Phone: (+359) 886449724